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In August of this year, Reflective Logic Systems began full-time operations offering information technology consulting services. We landed two accounts right away with our DevOps and Software Engineering services. Both of these initiatives proceeded well, meeting objectives and delivering value for the customers.

In addition to the DevOps and Software Engineering services, the Outsourced CIO service was also marketed to prospects in the greater Atlanta area through a few channels. While the offering did spark interest and conversation, no business materialized from the offering. While not a significant setback, this feedback from the market was incorporated into the go to market plans for 2015.

Reflective Logic Systems focus for 2015

I’m pleased to announce some exciting changes for 2015 in our service offerings, market targets and visual identity. First, our new logo and color scheme was completed by our marketing partner in the latter part of November. We have already reformed the website,  around the new colors and design. The logo brings a fresh and modern look to our branding. We are thrilled to be presenting this new visual identity.


Reflective Logic Systems


Next, and most important, is the changes to our service offerings. Based on a study of potential customer needs, potential business partners and Reflective Logic Systems core competencies we have decided to quiesce the Outsourced CIO and DevOps offerings. In addition, we are expanding and renaming the Software Engineering service to be our sole service offering.

This change represents our view of both the marketplace and ourselves as a company. We believe that this change will better service the needs of both and it is our focus area for marketing, sales and service delivery for 2015.

Thoughtfully Crafted Custom Software Solutions

Our 2015 tag line is “thoughtfully crafted custom software solutions”. This phrase represents the difference Reflective Logic Systems brings to the software development craft. While many other firms are taking the “agile” concept in new directions, we feel like the idea of just throwing things against the wall does a disservice to the quality that modern technology makes available to the software developer. Now, there are some great benefits to the art of software development that the agile movement has provided. Lighter weight methodologies like Scrum and tools like Kanban and Lean have brought considerable increases in productivity for the right kinds of teams with the right kinds of leaders. So please do not misunderstand, our focus is on quality. We use agile tools and methods to achieve the quality our clients expect of us and we expect of ourselves. We thoughtfully craft our software solutions.

The Tools and the Craftsman

One of the best things about working in software is that there is always something new to learn. While we are offering solution development with specified tools, some projects are especially interesting because of new problems and new tools. We are going to market offering services with the tools we know. We are however always researching and experimenting with new tools. We would like our customers to not hesitate to ask if we will work on a certain technology. You might be surprised what we can take on. If you have ever watched “The New Yankee Workshop” you will see that the gentleman is always making tools to complete a job. As in software, no two jobs are precisely the same. The value from the craftsman is in the ability to discern the pattern of the problem and create what is necessary to solve it within the customer’s parameters of time and budget.

The Problems We Solve

Reflective Logic Systems is targeting these and other customer needs related to software solution development in 2015.

  • Designing and developing software systems and components
  • Updating software systems for migration to cloud environments
  • Creating proof of concept solutions for product development initiatives
  • Updating software systems for infrastructure upgrades (e.g. databases, middleware, operating systems, etc)
  • Integrating software systems and applications
  • Systems performance analysis and improvement recommendations

The tools and technology environments we currently have interest in include

Java, C, C++, C#, PHP, Python, HTML5, CSS, Javascript, SAP ABAP (the associated runtime containers are assumed)

SOA (Messaging, REST, SOAP, etc)

IBM WebSphere AS, Tomcat, JBoss, LAMP

QT/QML for cross-platform mobile and desktop applications

Windows, Linux, OSX, Android, iOS, QNX, SAP NetWeaver

Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server

WordPress, Drupal, Sharepoint

TIBCO BW, SOA Service Manager, Mule

Hadoop, HBase, Cassandra, MongoDB

Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Hosted Linux and Windows Providers

OpenSSL, Kerberos, OAuth, LDAP, Windows Active Directory

Embedded Linux and QNX on ARM SOCs

CA/Wily Introscope APM

Sure, this is a rather long list. This represents some of the tools and technologies we have exposure to and what we think 80% or more of our customers will be served by. It also represents our wide and varied interests in understanding the many ways in which technology can be applied to solve business problems.

Summary and Conclusion

2015 for Reflective Logic Systems is all about helping our customers by delivering thoughtfully crafted custom software solutions for cloud, web, desktop, mobile, embedded and SAP. Of course, we don’t know what kind of projects we’ll specifically be working on. What we do know however, is that might be the best part.

Wishing all of you the very best in 2015 and beyond.



About Reflective Logic Systems

Founded in 2013, Reflective Logic Systems is a business partner focused on helping clients improve business performance using thoughtfully crafted custom software solutions. We apply a purposeful and intentional approach to serve business owners, managing partners, executives and their organizations to use software systems as a strategic competitive advantage in their industry. Our company delivers remarkable results for clients by combining systems thinking, technology expertise and business expertise into a capable set of valuable technology services. Clients trust Reflective Logic Systems to deliver results based on extensive expertise and proven experience with the applied use of technology tools and techniques. Through the Reflective Logic™ solution development and delivery approach, clients can have confidence that they are receiving a quality solution. Reflective Logic Systems serves clients from offices in metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia.