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Greetings Friends!

Reflective Logic Systems is glad to be back after a few years of hiatus while we spent some time capturing opportunities to work with one of the top cloud services providers in the world. Now that we’re back online, we’re working on making some refinements to our products and services. Just to give you a preview, we’re going to focus closely on these services: 1) Product Engineering 2) Solution Architecture 3) Training and Education.

In the Product Engineering space, we’re going to help teams organize and adopt practices for turning ideas into reality. Using tools and techniques from decades past combined with the latest thinking we’ll help you get your best ideation built with the best engineering.

Solution Architecture is a widely used term in the field. For us, Solution Architecture is about zooming out a bit and creating patterns, practices and artifacts that embody design intention at a higher level. Think product category more and product less. Solution Architecture as a tool that enables product engineering to be more robust. We don’t just do Solution Architecture, we teach your teams how to level up their Solution Architecture game as well.

Training and Education is a more recent addition to our services line up. One of the biggest challenges faced by teams is the need to make technology and architecture decisions in subject areas with less information and expertise than people who specialize in these areas. Not every specialist is accustomed to summarizing their work in terms that can be quickly comprehended and acted upon with large investments and the associated risks. We help teams surface deep technical information with clarity and the right level of summary and supporting details with educational materials and interactive sessions for all levels from engineering to executive audiences.

These services are in their early stages of development. Be sure to contact us using the button on the home page for more information.